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The best resource for traditional archery supplies.

Meet Jim Babcock, the heart of the organization and otherwise known as “Big Jim.” Whether you are new to archery or a seasoned expert, Big Jim’s Bow Company has something for everyone.

What makes Big Jim an expert? First, he has personally built hundreds of custom longbows and take down bows. He’s proud of every one of them and confident that they are some of the best shooting bows on the market today. Second, he knows traditional archery inside and out. And finally, don’t let his size intimidate you. He’s full of helpful advice and is more than willing to share it with others.

Big Jim puts his personal stamp on running the business, which means that everything at Big Jim’s Bow Company is done with integrity and meets his high quality standards.

Are you in the market for a new recurve or longbow, or simply want tips and advice on traditional archery? With hundreds of bows, arrows, quivers, armguards, gloves and other accessories, Big Jim personally chooses his inventory. Whether you are hunting or fishing – or simply enjoying archery as a sport – Big Jim’s has the right bow, arrows and other equipment to up your game and improve your shot.

Be sure to check out the custom-made Buffalo Bow and our Thunder Child longbows. Once in a while there are a few in stock, and they can be special ordered by clicking here.


For a slideshow of Big Jim’s bows and success stories, click here.

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